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Deal With It!

The Manipulator Files

Articles on how to spot the guys
that Fuck with your Mind and your Heart

The Heartless Bitches "Red Flag" List - a list of warning signs...

Warning Signs of the Emotionally Distant Abuser

Book Review: Living with the Dominator

Listen to Your Gut - It's trying to tell you something important

A Tale of Joe Smooth - See if you can spot the warning signs.

For a real WAKE UP call, READ THIS:
    Romeo's Bleeding, When Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong
    - a book in progress by Roger Melton, M.A., L.M.F.T., CEAP:

Melinda says, Goodbye Martyr Man

He's going to be different with you... because You're Special...

Fiona is back to give a "personal responsibility" Wake Up call in "Bad Relationships"

A Manipulative-Obsessive in "Nice Guy's" Clothing - JadeSyren dissects another dweeb's email.

Control Freak Conversations - The Fun we have when a Control Freak takes exception to HBI

The Control Freak Responds - This guy just can't get enough of us!

How NOT to Apologize when you have seriously fucked up.

Find out about the headgames played by Emotional Abusers and learn how to recognize their behavior patterns.

Eight Easy Ways to Spot an Emotional Manipulator - Fiona gives us her take on a popular subject.

Jerks who Fuck with your Mind - The Emotional Blackmailer

Another look at avoiding Jerks: Suze's Guide to Avoiding the Emotional Blackmailer

I-Love-You + Lend-Me-Money = LOSER

Poly People I Can Do Without... - People that give "Polyamoury" a bad reputation.

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