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Nice Guys = BLEAH!
Nice Guys we can do without

Nice guys we can do without

Nice guys who think women are a separate species with their own "secret code" and/or vaginas with legs.

Nice guys who expect that their girlfriend is going to be their Best Friend, then their Lover, when they themselves can't even find a way to have any male best friends. Talk about suffocation! No thanks.

Nice guys who think they're making their partner feel good by saying how much they love to listen to her talk, but never add anything to the conversation themselves. You're not making her feel good. You're boring her to death. Stop staring at her with your chin in your hand when you go out to eat. You give her the creeps. She is NOT an animal in a zoo. And it's not HER job to keep up the entire conversation. Her ego is NOT so fragile that she needs to be worshipped.

Nice guys who lie and think that a decision not to call them on their first lie means we're not going to dump them when they do it again. In other words: stupid guys.

Nice guys who make friends with us and then think we owe them something more than friendship.

Nice guys who have no hobbies except sitting around wishing they had a girlfriend like all those cool guys on THE REAL WORLD.

Nice guys who, upon getting a girlfriend, feel they "don't really deserve her". This is insulting. If you don't think you are worth something special, then what you are telling her is that SHE picked a loser.

Nice guys who put women on pedestals. By worshipping her, you objectify and demean her.

Nice guys who think they're the ONLY amateurs in the world at love, and that when a woman doesn't want to have anything to do with them, they're hateful, spiteful bitches who are experts at hurting poor, poor widdle innocent nice guys. Yep, we all read books on how to do it. All girls receive secret, expert instruction from their gym teachers, usually in 5th grade in most school districts, about the ins and outs of love, while the poor nice guys are left to fumble around with no clues.

Nice guys who are too STUPID to figure out any other way out of their so-called predicament except to conclude that they have to become woman-battering heavy drinkers and sports players.

Nice guys who want a beautiful, attractive woman, but do little to take care of their own appearance. We're not talking about being a muscle-bound creep, but fer crissakes get some exercise! Take up some kind of activity or hobby that gets you off your flabby butt. Walk or ride your bike to work; go for walks at lunch; use the stairs instead of the elevator.... Do a coupla situps in the morning before your shower. How can you have ANY stamina in lovemaking if you get out of breath climbing a couple of flights of stairs?

Nice guys who sit there passively waiting for life to happen to them, instead of actively pursing their goals and dreams.

With thanks to Kabbibi for her articulate post to alt.romance, which "nice guys" chose to trash rather than LISTEN and pay attention to...

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